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Innovative Connectivity

OEM electronic Installation • Fleet Management Tracking • CAN Bus Decoding.




EuroTech Electronics is advancing in the automotive electronics sector, bringing new solutions to existing platforms or creating new ones when required.

Custom Cables

We gladly offer the service for the design and manufacturing process for your custom cables or wiring harnesses.

Installation Service

Having trouble finding wire signals? We offer the integration service for any type of electronic accessory on any vehicle. We can also produce instructional guides.

Custom PCB Designs

Do you require a specific interface or controller? Contact us to further discuss the PCB design and manufacturing of a circuit board

CAN Bus Decoding

Do you need specific information displayed on your end-user interface? (Fuel, Odometer, Engine hours…) We can find the information you need in the vehicle's network.


Creating solutions, for new and existing platforms

Since being established in 2008, we have been providing the industry with innovative accessories that make the difference.


Electronics is our passion and we will keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge while having a great time.

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Our Products

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